Deadline for Abstract: 28 October 2018

Last Day for Early Registration Payment: 5 October 2018

Last Day for Late Registration Payment: 30 October 2018

Announcement of Symposium Programme: 10 November 2018

Sympoisum Dates: 16-17 November 2018

Last Day for sending Full Paper: 17 December 2018

Date for Published Abstract Book:18 November 2018

Date for Published Fyll Paper Book: 30 December 2018


1- The submitted articles shall not be longer than 10,000 words including abstract, footnotes, bibliography and appendices.

2– You MUST submit your articles from website

3– The content in the articles should be as follows:, title abstract (max. 300 word), keywords, conclusion and bibliography,

Page Layout

  1. a)Articles must be typed in Microsoft Word program and page structures should be organized as follows:

 Page Size

Special (16X24 cm)

Top Margin

2 cm

Bottom Margin

2 cm

Left Margin

2.5 cm

Right Margin

2  cm

Fisrt line of each paragraph

1 cm

Block quotations (right and left)

1 cm


Times News Roman

Font Type Style


Size of Normal Text


Size of Abstract


Size of Block Quotations


Size of Foot Note

6 nk

Space Between Paragraphs

Before 0 nk, after 6 nk


    1. b)Page numbers, details such as headers and footers must not be included in the articles.

    2. c)The main title must be written in capital, bold letters.

    3. d)Footnotes should be given after the sentence.

    4. f)In footnotes please follow “Name, Surname” order. In bibliography follow “Surname, Name” order.

    For any source not explicitly stated below, follow Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edt, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010  or


    Should be used APA system for reference. Never used footnote.